Attention All WHRDA Members!


Planning is in full swing for the 50th Anniversary Championships and Celebration. The schedule of events has been solidified, as shown below. You are encouraged to start planning and setting up your accomodations as early as possible.


In addition to the events and celebration for the 50th Anniversary, we've decided to hold a special 50th Anniversary Conference the week following with Dojoonim and Grandmaster Taejoon Lee.


This time is normally set aside for the Black Sash Conference, but considering the incredible milestone we'll be reaching, Dojoonim wanted all students from White Belt to Highest Ranking Black Sash, to have an opportunity to train and learn directly from the Founder of our beautiful art.


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn directly from the source of Hwa Rang Do and a martial arts living legend. Schedule details are below. (Registration Today Online for Huge Discounts Before May 29th!)


Schedule for Hwa Rang Dos' 50th Anniversary...

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Check into: The Wilshire Hotel

3515 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90010



Wilshire Hotel


Click for More Details about Location, Special HRD Room Rates and Finding Roomates


Friday, July 30th, 2010

Location: Plaza Ballroom


9:00 am - 10am Registration & Ref, Judge, Score/Time Keeper Mtg.
10am - 3pm Adult Weapon Fighting (Mugi Daeryun) Championships
    Adult/Teen Bontoogi
      Ssang Bong
      Jang Bong
      Open Division (Stick Weapon of Choice)
    Adult/Teen Gumtoogi
      Ssang Gum
      Jang Gum
      Open Division (Sword Weapon of Choice)
  Team Weapon Fighting
  Black Sash Weapon Fighting Finals
2pm - 3pm Jr. & Adult Weapon Form Registration
Ltl. Tiger/Jr. Gumtoogi Registration
Note: ALL weapon form competitors MUST be in the Plaza Ballroom by 2pm. If weapon fighting ends early, weapons forms will begin early
3pm - 5pm Weapon Forms (may begin as soon as 2pm)
Little Tiger & Jr. Gumtoogi (Foam Weapon)
5pm - 7pm Ref, Judge, Score/Time Keeper Mtg. for Saturday


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Location: Grand Ballroom


8:00am - 10am Registration & Check-in
9:00 am Open Hand Forms
    Male & Female Junior
    Male & Female Adult
    Male & Female Black Sash
11:00 am Sparring
    Male & Female Junior
    Male & Female Adult
    Male & Female Black Sash
  Team Sparring
    Junior (Ages 9 - 12)
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Gotoogi
  Team Gotoogi
    Junior (Ages 9 - 12)
  Black Sash


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Banquet Events

$150 per Adult

$80 per Child

(Order Tickets Here!)


5:15 pm Reception
6:30 pm Demo
7:00 pm Dinner
7:30 pm Video Presentation
8:00 pm Awards
8:30 pm Speeches
9:00 pm Dancing & Entertainment


Sunday, Aug 1, 2010

Location: Grand Ballroom


10:00 am - Noon Lecture and Q&A with Grandmaster Taejoon Lee
  All Students and family welcome!
Rest fo the Day Departure, Sight See and Prepare for Conference


50th Anniversary Conference - Aug 2nd - Aug 8th, 2010

(Black Sashes & Color Belts/Sashes)


50th Anniversary Conference Schedule


  Monday (8/2) Tuesday (8/3) Wednesday (8/4) Thursday (8/5) Friday (8/6) Saturday (8/7) Sunday (8/8)
6am - 10am

Free Free Beach Training Free Free Black Sash Testing BBQ at DJN's Home
10am - 4pm

4pm - 7pm

8pm - 10pm BB Only BB Only BB Only BB Only Dinner w/ DJN, GML and All BB Ceremony, Dinner w/ DJN, GML, BB and CB Goodbye's & Flights Home

Note: Black Sashes are required to stay for the entire week, including the ALL RANKS sessions.

BB - Black Sashes
CB - Color Belts, Color Sashes

DJN - Dojoonim Dr. Joo Bang Lee

GML - Grandmaster Taejoon Lee

Beach Training - Special Weapon Fighting Session at Secluded Beach. All Ranks Welcome.


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