(40 Days ago)
Sat. Nov. 15th, 2:00pm - Free Bully Prevention Workshop
(49 Days ago)
Sat., Nov. 22th - Promotional Belt Ceremony
(49 Days ago)
Sat. Nov. 15th - Last Day to submit Test Application
(49 Days ago)
Mon. Nov. 3rd - Tae Guek (Tai Chi) Meditation Class @ 7pm
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(1113 Days ago)
Dec 10 - Free Self Defense Class
(1252 Days ago)
Bully Prevention Class- Saturday, July 30
(1252 Days ago)
8/26~8/27USA Championships at Disneyland
(1350 Days ago)
Gotoogi Grappling Clinic
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Dr. Andrew Weil

"From the first time I met Chief Master Taejoon Lee, I realized that we had much in common. Most important, we share a commitment to nurturing the entire self, not just body or mind or spirit in isolation. His intensity, sincerity, and authenticity are obvious. Hwa Rang Do, as practiced and taught by Master Lee, develops an inner strength that appreciates life's fragility and embraces personal accountability, I respect deeply Hwa Rang Do's goal not to live so much a comfortable life as an honorable one."

Dr. Andrew Weil

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