(29 Days ago)
Aug 23rd - Last day to turn in test applications
(71 Days ago)
July 12th - Last day to turn in test applications
(72 Days ago)
Mon. 7/7 - Tae Guek (Tai Chi) Meditation Class @ 7pm
(105 Days ago)
Sat 6/7 2:30pm - Free Self-Defense Class
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(1017 Days ago)
Dec 10 - Free Self Defense Class
(1156 Days ago)
Bully Prevention Class- Saturday, July 30
(1156 Days ago)
8/26~8/27USA Championships at Disneyland
(1254 Days ago)
Gotoogi Grappling Clinic
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(975 Days ago)
Fri 1/27 - LT and Junior Belt Testing
Jan. 27, Friday 3:45pm ~ 5pm Little Tiger and Juniors Belt Testing

Important Note: This is a private test and the parents are not allowed to watch. However, on the following day, Saturday, the student must return by 11:30am to finish their testing. And, for this all parents, family, and friends are encouraged to come and support the belt candidates. They will be sparring, grappling, and board breaking. Please make sure that your child has all of their equipment and gear.

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