(39 Days ago)
Sat. Nov. 15th, 2:00pm - Free Bully Prevention Workshop
(48 Days ago)
Sat., Nov. 22th - Promotional Belt Ceremony
(48 Days ago)
Sat. Nov. 15th - Last Day to submit Test Application
(48 Days ago)
Mon. Nov. 3rd - Tae Guek (Tai Chi) Meditation Class @ 7pm
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(1112 Days ago)
Dec 10 - Free Self Defense Class
(1251 Days ago)
Bully Prevention Class- Saturday, July 30
(1251 Days ago)
8/26~8/27USA Championships at Disneyland
(1349 Days ago)
Gotoogi Grappling Clinic
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(1070 Days ago)
1/28 - Belt testing & Ceremony
11:00am - Start belt testing
11:30am - LT & Jr Sparring, Grappling and Board Break with Belt Ceremony
12:30 - Adult belt ceremony

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