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Sat. 4/12 2:30pm - Free Self Defense Class
(50 Days ago)
Sat. 3/15 2:30pm - Free Self Defense Class
(66 Days ago)
Sat. 2/22 2:30pm - Free Self Defense Class
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Free Martial Art Classes during Buddy Week!
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Dec 10 - Free Self Defense Class
(1003 Days ago)
Bully Prevention Class- Saturday, July 30
(1003 Days ago)
8/26~8/27USA Championships at Disneyland
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Gotoogi Grappling Clinic
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1/26 2:30pm - Free Self Defense Class
A Free Community and Public Service for the Greater Los Angeles Area

Sat., Jan. 26, Saturday - 2:30 ~ 3:30pm

Come Learn Simple, Easy and Effective Self-Defense Techniques from One of the Highest Ranking Hwa Rang Do Masters in the World

Teenagers & Adults, Men & Women are Welcome!

NO Martial Arts Skill Necessary!

In light of the recent economic crisis, the World Hwa Rang Do Association is now offering free and open self-defense classes to the public, to empower our communities regardless of financial situation.

We believe that everyone should have basic and effective knowledge on how to defend themselves against an attacker, bully or any other act of physical aggression.

We welcome people from all walks of life, genders, and martial arts skill levels to come participate, make new friends and help us build community.
West Coast Hwa Rang Do Academy - 11304 1/2 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90064
RSVP by calling 310-473-6233
Look forward to seeing you there!


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